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Your Time… Your Money… Your FREEDOM
Gain an extra 20 hours in your week with 3 simple shifts

Yeah... I get it.

You’re doing ALL. THE. THINGS. in your business.

You’re probably spending all kinds of hours:

  • staying on top of your Social Media…
  • showing up for clients…
  • creating amazing programs…
  • organically reaching out to prospects…
  • writing emails…
  • creating blog posts…
  • scheduling sales calls…


Guess what...
There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Join me for this Masterclass where I will teach you how to

Reclaim Up To
20 Hours In your Week!

(Seriously! It IS possible!)

You're not alone...

You are a kick-ass woman with an amazing message to get out into the world!

I hear you!

You know that you can change lives… you just need a little more time in the day to reach those that need you.

I believe in you! 

You’re following all the advice from the gurus about growing your list, and showing up online… but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

I see you!

And I'm here to help!

During this masterclass, we’re going to focus on 3 key areas that will help you make more money AND give you time freedom!

You will

What are you going to do with an extra 20 hours per week?



Actually having time to enjoy your family and your life, instead of having your to-do list control your nights and weekends!

It can happen, I promise!

And we’re going to teach you how!

The Business Design Alchemist Team

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