Coaching With Resonance & Alchemy

A Multidimensional Approach To Business

Ready to find resonance in your life and create magic in your business?

Running a holistic or spiritual business is not for the faint of heart. You’ve poured your soul into your business but are you seeing the progress you envisioned? You may be wondering if you’re even in the right business or if you have what it takes to grow it to new levels.

That’s where we come in! Work with us to take a deep dive into your life and business to find what is working and what is holding you back.  

Learn how to bring your body, mind, soul and business into coherence

Discover how to harmonize all aspects of your business and life with Resonance, Vibration & Attraction. Discover the tools to consciously create & consistently bring outcomes for your life and business many perceive to be miraculous.

We offer both Group Coaching programs AND 1:1 coaching to help make sure that you are running your business in a way that is aligned with you; body, mind and soul!

Resonance & Alchemy Group Coaching

Our 6 month group coaching program is the perfect option for coaches and entrepreneurs who are looking for collaboration and community as well as guidance and insight on best practices for launching and growing your business. You’ll be able to participate in 4 group coaching calls each month covering business systems & practices, embodying your inner CEO, technology,  automation and marketing strategies and procedures.

1:1 Coaching with Resonance & Alchemy

Our 1:1 Business Alignment Coaching program provides 12 weeks of personal, individualized coaching that will allow you to find true alignment in your life and business.

We will dive deep into your business both from a strategic point as well as an integration perspective to make sure that your systems are working to generate and retain clients on a continual basis.

We will also work with you to bring your body, health and mindset into resonance with the spiritual wellness leader that you are.

Now for the more important question...

Do you believe you and your business are in alignment?

 Coaching with Resonance & Alchemy helps you to find what is resonating in your business and what is holding you back. Oftentimes we forget the holistic side of a business. We cannot transmit what we don’t have. This is where we come in. We help you find what is out of bioenergetic balance in your body, mind and soul so that you can find true resonance in your business.

Shifts happen in the non-physical before they manifest in the physical. We work with you to help you SHIFT & CLEAR your energetic BLOCKS!