Meet Your Biz Besties!

Melanie DeLucca

Melanie is a Digital Strategist working with female spirit-led coaches to provide high level support and management of all backend systems and processes for courses, memberships and coaching funnels.

WINNER: Maria from The Wise Woman Coach

Jo-Anne & Kayla

Jo-Anne & Kayla are Social Media Managers and Instagram Coaches who help female entrepreneurs use Instagram to grow and scale their online business.

WINNER: Suzanne from High Rise Tourism

Ashley Vincent

Ashley is an Intuitive Embodiment Guide. She helps women awaken to their intuition, power, and highest potential via modern, spiritual solutions.

WINNER: Lisa Chiodo

Latifa el Guada

Latifa is a Clarity & Soul Alignment Coach who helps empaths & highly sensitive soulpreneurs who feel stuck or behind in business, get clarity, heal their anxiety & overwhelm and get Seen, Heard & Paid again.

WINNER: Christine Hernandez

Frankie Jago

Frankie is a Video Marketing Coach Working with solopreneurs and coaches to grow their reach, impact and revenue online using video with ease.

WINNER: Kirsten from Right Meow

Jocelyn Boettner

Jocelyn is a Shamanic Guide, an intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. She believes your soul has led you here because you are ready for rapid transformation.

WINNER: Alysen Rose

Iulia Mihai

Iulia is an Author | Coach | Certified Hypnotherapist and helps women transform their subconscious beliefs, fast and for good. She teaches them how to eliminate limiting beliefs, conquer impostor syndrome, and turn on their abundance mindset in order to achieve extraordinary results in their life and business.

WINNER: Mel from The Herbalists Path

Cheryl Kasper

Cheryl is a Success Mindset Coach, Clinical Psychotherapist and Best-Selling Author who empowers female entrepreneurs to bust through their fears, blocks & BS (belief system) so they can speak their truth & be visible to create freedom, alignment & impact in their life and business

WINNER: Jordana Earl-Parler

Kim Raaijmakers

Kim is a Confidence & Leadership Coach who works with women leaders to master their confidence and leadership abilities so that they can create the career success and happiness they desire from the inside out


January Seymour

January is a certified Master Life Coach whose passion and my purpose has always been about helping people in her various roles as a nurse, coach, community member, mother, and wife. She considers it a privilege to help others transform their own lives through her coaching programs.

WINNER: Melissa Cavell

Lisa Reed

Lisa is a FB/IG Ads Strategist who got her start online when she realized that if she wanted to have a bigger impact, she needed a way to reach more people. She has spent years mastering both organic and paid strategies on Facebook and Instagram and has taught these skills to thousands of entrepreneurs.


Vickie Gretsky

Vickie is a professional organizer whose superpower is bringing a sense of peace to the chaos in your home and business. She has helped countless families escape the clutter through simple organization strategies that work with their lives and routines.

WINNER: Linda Caldwell

Betsy Coyne

Betsy helps business owners make their virtual events more engaging and run smoothly without the embarrassment of struggling and stumbling as the host. She empowers them by showing them how to use the technologies and application features needed to do business in this virtual world.

WINNER: Kerri Altom